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Explorer Reading


After the success of Pirate Reading last year (and Karate Reading before that) this year both the Infant and Junior School have a new reading challenge called Explorer Reading.

Explorer Reading rewards reading at home, whatever your child’s ability. Every time they read ten times they win a new certificate. Firstly these certificates are collecting all the things they need to become an explorer, like a hot air balloon or motorbike, eventually leading to the award of a world map and passport. Once children have their map, they can ‘travel’ to countries around the world every time they read another ten times. They then get a stamp for their map and a page for their passport. At the end of the year, there will be a prize for each country, so that all children who ‘visited’ that country will have their name put into a hat, and the winner pulled out.

The aim is to get as many children as possible reading at home. This will hopefully lead to a lifelong love of reading, as well as improving reading ability through increased practise.

As one parent said about Pirate Reading last year, “Before Pirate Reading started, he didn’t enjoy reading and it was a battle – now he gets his book out every night and loves reading!”

Parents and carers: please click on the link for an online copy of the explanation letter Mr Osborne sent out at the start of the year.