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Hands on. In your head. Pictures


On Friday 6th January, we had an innovative and exciting maths morning in the Hall! In line with our maths calculation policy, Mrs. Perrett introduced our new initiative, 'What is HIP?' to all 4 KS1 classes in
turn. The focus was to enable the children to understand the three strategies we can use to approach problem solving. We wanted to give them the opportunity to experiment with the 'Hands-on,' 'In your
head' and using 'Pictures' methods.

After an introduction, the children moved around the 'HIP' areas in a carousel, free to experiment, using a variety of resources to solve a given addition/subtraction problem. Finally, we gathered to share our experiences and opinions. Interestingly, some children clearly preferred a single approach, while others enjoyed having a choice. Some even said that you could use a combination! This was most apparent in 'I,' where children often used skills they already 'just knew' and then topped them up with pictures or beads,cubes or maybe coins and a 100 square.

Since last week, a display has gone up in the hall and posters have been distributed to all classes as a constant reminder of the childrens' choices. Red and Yellow EYFS areas have sets, too, which may be referred to as/when appropriate. The children know that problems are waiting to be solved in the maths
area in the main corridor. Mia and Rosie were the first to receive hologram 'Amazing Maths'  stickers for their joint attempt. Fantastic, girls! Who will be next? In addition, Maths Achievement Certificates
are available now from Mrs. Perrett for children who show resilience in their learning or who even have those special 'lightbulb' moments in class!

Well done children for making the morning such a success and thank you also to the staff!