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Bude Primary Federation Uniform

The new uniform shop is now OPEN!
Please place your orders at
If you are unsure of your child's size samples of the uniform will be in school shortly.
All orders will be sent to school and distributed to your child's class. All orders placed before 16th June 2017 will be delivered to School for distribution on Friday 30th June 2017. Orders after this date will be collated on a fortnightly basis.

We are delighted to unveil our new  Federation uniform! We appreciate it has taken some time to come together but we have spent a long time trying to find the right supplier who can provide all we want to offer, in terms of uniform and accessories as well as excellent quality at a reasonable price. It turns out that turquoise cardigans really aren’t that easy to get hold of!

However, our new uniform comprises of:

  • Logo’d turquoise sweatshirt or cardigan £8:50 / £9:50*
  • Logo’d white polo shirts £7:50*
  • Grey trousers, skirts, pinafores, shorts
  • Yellow summer dresses £9:95*
  • Turquoise logo’d PE t-shirt £5:50*
  • Book bags, gym bags, beanie hats,

caps and book bags are also all available.

*plain garments are also available at a reduced price and/or from other suppliers)

To purchase your child’s uniform, all ordering will now take place online and then your order will then be delivered to the school office FREE OF CHARGE.


As we have always stated we ask that ALL children have one logo’d outer garment (jumper or cardigan) and one logo’d polo shirt for outings and school photographs. Should you prefer to purchase plain garments elsewhere for everyday use, then that is very acceptable as long as you stick to our school colours.


Displays of the new uniform is up in both the Infant and Juniors Schools for your perusal. Please do not remove these items for trying on purposes.

I would also like to note the sizes available has also been improved as sizes will no longer jump from 5 – 6 year to 7 – 8 years. Sizes are 3 – 4 years, 4 – 5 years, 5 – 6 years etc. up to 12 – 13 years.


THANKYOU TO BUDE FEDERATION FRIENDS! All children will be bought one Federation jumper or cardigan in celebration of our new uniform. Please complete the order sheets outside your child’s class!