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Sports Premium Allocation 2013, 2014 & 2015


Sport Premium Grant 2013/14 and 2014/15

Funding for schools was calculated by the number of primary aged pupils (between the ages of 5 and 11) as at the annual census in January 2013 plus a lump sum per school.

Sports Premium Sports Premium Overview

Data from January school census day



Total number of pupils on roll



Total funding received




What does the Sport Premium mean for my School?

‘Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this’ (DfE June 2013).

At Bude Infant School, we have split up the funding by the three key areas for consideration; Physical Education, Healthy Active Lifestyles and Competitive Sport.


Sports Premium 2013/14




Staff employed to deliver high quality PE across the school.


All classes received high quality PE which was taught by an enthusiastic, well-qualified staff member. In Pupil Premium questionnaires, PE lessons were frequently mentioned as being their favourite lesson.

A PE specialist teacher was employed to deliver competitive sports & PE to all KS1 classes and co-ordinate PE across the school.


All KS1 classes received high quality PE, often outside, which was taught by an enthusiastic and well-qualified teacher.

‘Leap into Life’ scheme was purchased and introduced.


The scheme was introduced across the school and was well received by staff and pupils.

‘Change for Life’ Club and ‘LEO’ Club was started.


For staff to introduced other active after-school clubs and to purchase some equipment (balls) for it.

Continued Professional Development for PE.


Improved skills, knowledge and understanding about teaching and assessing PE. Staff had improved confidence when teaching PE.

Participating in Bude Communities’ Schools’ Trust subject leaders meetings (PLTs) and fee for joining the Sports Youth Trust.


Working together we are able to offer more opportunities for children with sporting festivals and inter-school competitions (gym & football).

Shed to keep the outdoor PE equipment in.


PE equipment is quickly accessible for pupils and staff. This ensures it is used more often and less time is spent getting the equipment out and returning it.





Evidence to demonstrate the Sports Premium was used effectively in 2013/14

PE had a much higher profile in school compared to the previous year. Pupils were receiving two hours of quality PE lessons per week, there were more PE based after school clubs and an established PE scheme being taught in school. When comparing assessment data from 2012/13 (when PE was taught by class teachers) and in 2013/14 (when PE was taught by a PE specialist), the number of pupils who were exceeding expectations had significantly improved. For example: in Year1 in 2012/13, 45% of pupils exceeded expectations in week 30 and in 2013/14 that increased by 22% to 67%. In Year 2 there was a similar increase, year on year, of an increase from 25% to 67%; an increase of 27%. This increase is evident in the data throughout 2013/14 when compared to 2012/13. This was not demonstrated throughout the year as the assessment criteria changed according to the unit of PE that the pupils were learning. Confidence had improved and every child was happy to participate in active lessons. When questioned all the Pupil Premium pupils said how they enjoyed their daily Leap into Life sessions. The active after school clubs were well attended. Some clubs were by invitation only so pupils could be targeted for support. We have been awarded the Bronze award for the Sports Youth Trust.



Sports Premium 2014/15




Specialist staff employed to deliver high quality PE across the school.


All classes receive high quality PE which will be taught by an enthusiastic, well-qualified member of staff. This will be planned in detail to meet individual needs (including those with physical disabilities) and accurately assessed to inform future planning. ‘Leaper of the Fortnight’ awards are given out in assembly with parents invited into school to see them presented.

A PE specialist employed to deliver competitive sports PE to all KS1 classes.


The PE subject leader attends BCST meetings and will ensure that PE is delivered well across the school, after-school clubs are well-organised, and parents are kept informed via PEN (PE News). Evidence will be collected to achieve the Silver Sports Trust Award.

Participating in Bude Communities Schools’ Trust subject leaders meetings (PLTs) and fee for joining Sports Youth Trust.


Working together, we are able to offer more opportunities for pupils with sporting festivals and inter-schools competitions (gym & football).

A wide variety of PE clubs will be offered for all ages; Plymouth Argyle football, multi-skills, tennis, gym, Change for Life and tennis.


PE clubs, both free and paying, are available for all abilities to develop PE skills in pupils. Some of these are for those who show special talent in an area, others are to encourage a more active life-style. We use Budehaven Leisure staff, as specialists, to run some of these clubs and pay them accordingly. More equipment will also need to be purchased for some of these clubs.

Continued Professional Development training will be available to further develop skills, knowledge and understanding of PE.


Improved skills, knowledge and understanding about teaching and assessing PE. PE is taught more confidently and skillfully.