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Pupil Premium Grant


What is Pupil Premium (PP)?

The aim of Pupil Premium is to reduce the underlying inequalities for Looked After Children (LAC), for those currently or previously entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) and children whose parents are in the Services (SV). The funding is allocated to school on the basis of the pupils’ status on termly census days when schools have to complete data about their pupils.

Current data demonstrates that those pupils who are LAC, FSM or SV are often disadvantaged and hence do not do achieve as well in school. The Pupil Premium Grant gives schools the ability to implement different strategies to enable those individuals to make as good as, or better progress, as their peers. The school implements many different strategies to for the “educational benefit of pupils registered at that school”.

Reference: “educational benefit” – ‘Pupil Premium Grant, 2015 to 2016: conditions of grant’, page 6 – revised by Department for Education, April 2016

At our school we carefully allocate the budget, tailoring it to the individual child, ensuring they get the best for their education. Each child has a personal budget of £50, which can be used on named school uniform, this can be enquired about in the office. We are also happy to finance after school clubs and school trips to further enhance their educational experience, raise aspirations and build self esteem. The majority of the funding is used for interventions to specifically target the individuals learning needs, to help 'close the gap'. Regular meetings with Teachers and TAs take place, looking at the data and deciding what interventions would best support the individual.The next two tabs have further information on our 'Pupil Premium data' and how we are 'closing the gap' and our 'Pupil Premium Spending'. The information on these can be downloaded on the links below, however, if you require a paper copy, please enquire in the office.


Pupil Premium Overview

Data from January school census day






Total number of Pupils on roll






Total number of eligible for

Pupil Premium

47 (24%)

£600 per pupil

32 (19%)

£953 per pupil

33 (20%)

£1,300 per pupil

36 (23%)

£1,320 per pupil

39 (23%)

£1,320 per pupil

Total number of Service pupils or retired Service pupil


£300 per pupil


£300 per pupil


£300 per pupil


£300 per pupil


£300 perpupil


Total number of Looked after Children


£600 per pupil


£900 per pupil


£1300 per pupil


£1,900 per pupil


£1,900 per pupil

Total funding received