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Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage 

In Foundation Stage we have two classes Red and Yellow base.

Although we have two separate classes, we allow for free flow between the two. This provides a great opportunity for the children to discover new friendships and access different resources. In addition we also have a fantastic new outdoor classroom, which offers another valuable learning space.

When selecting your child's class, we will try to keep them with familiar faces for a smoother transition. We keep nursery, friendship and playgroups together where possible, which we find offers piece of mind to both children and parents. If your child does not know anyone, we will always make sure we find them a special group of friends to help them settle in.

Mrs katie Leitzell

Yellow Base Class Teacher

Mrs Roo Sheppard

Yellow Base Class Teacher


Mrs Hannah Lee

Red Base Class Teacher

Acting Head of Foundation Stage

Mrs Deb Rosser

Red Base Class Teacher

Part- Time

Mrs Carol Chatfield

Yellow Base Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kim Heywood

Red Base Teaching Assistant

Miss Alice Cox

Red Base One to One

Miss Hannah Vigg

Red Base One to One