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Spring in Foundation Stage

We had a great start back after our Christmas break looking at 'Frozen World'. This sparked a lot of singing 'Let it go' and scene re-enactments in small world play from the movie Frozen!!! As I'm sure you can imagine! We did however, manage to steer away from Elsa, Anna and Olaf and look at various creatures that live in the freezing conditions of the Arctic and Antarctica. The children loved working out how to free creatures trapped in the ice, building igloos, making their own frozen worlds from shaving foam, rice, cotton wool and glitter and discussing how to survive in such cold conditions. 

The children were extremely excited to return after half term to a nest in one of their outdoor classroom tyres. Inside the nest they discovered some dinosaur-looking eggs!!! While trying to work out what might have left these eggs, they came in one morning to discover the eggs had hatched and there were huge footprints everywhere!!!! To say both the children, parents and staff have enjoyed this topic would be an understatement!!! We would like to thank everyone for getting so involved and making this topic so enjoyable!

We continue to provide as many opportunities for writing, phonics, maths and general learning to occur naturally and child led in all our learning spaces. We are thrilled with how excited and keen the children are to learn and how well they have settled in.

The Foundation Stage Team :)