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Blue and Purple Base

Year 1 have had a really exciting term exploring different countries around the world, such as Australia, Chile, Peru and Africa! We are currently learning about Tanzania and Kenya which are 2 countries in East Africa. We learnt about how hard life is in East Africa, especially in parts of Kenya when there is a drought! Avalon said, 'this is a time when it is dry for a whole year'! So, Miss Paynter and Miss Halls thought it would be interesting for the children to design and make their own water carriers made out of junk.  We had to be 'teamwork' Termites and all work in groups. The children have talked and written about the differences between our lives and the lives of children who live in East Africa. They have really enjoyed thinking about different cultures and celebrating these.  In Art, Blue Base even made some TingaTinga pictures and made some really terrifying Maasai Warrior shields!

In Purple Base the children have been busy learning the story of Handa's Surprise, a story set in Kenya. We have been acting out the story and writing character profiles. We have also tasted the different fruits that feature in the story, some of which we found tastier than others!!!

In science we have enjoyed learning about Volcanoes, making our own and even watching a "real" one erupt in class!!!!

The children have been taught how to use  atlases to find different countries and encouraged to research them further, which has been really interesting.  

We have loved having Miss Paynter, our student teacher in Blue Base this term and Miss Hall covering Purple Base in Mrs Perrett's absence. We also have some other small visitors in the form of Tadpoles! We are keenly watching them grow from eggs to tadpoles and looking forward to them turning into frogs!


The Year 1 Team