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Our topic this term is Bude in Bloom. This is primarily a science based subject and the children have already planted seeds where they feel they will grow the best – some very interesting ideas.

We are trialling a new way of learning our topic at the moment with the children being provided their own topic map on a Monday and set several challenges. It is up to the children to collect evidence to support completion of the challenges.

In maths we have already covered fractions, time and multiplication. In year 2 the children are expected to show an understanding of quarters, halves and thirds in shapes and amounts as well as being able to count in halves and quarters. In multiplication we are working towards knowing the 2, 5 and 10 times table and being able to use this to solve real life problems. Telling the time as a year 2 child in England means understanding digital and analogue time for o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to! I know!

In English we had Sue Field, from Mazed Traditional Tales, in school. She shared a number of Cornish tales with the children and used a stringed puppet to captivate our children. The Story telling coffee morning is something we are quite proud of actually. The children were the stars, as always, but sharing our learning with so many of you was special. So after the Mince pie sharing at Christmas and the recent Story telling coffee what next? Answers on a postcard please

This week, in English, we are using a beautiful story, from the Literacy Shed, called “The Black Hat” to improve the quality of our sentence writing. Again, the standards set for the children require consistent use of adverbs and adjectives as well as extending

sentences with words like so, with, since, because, and, after, before …

Any practice you can do at home would help our learning in Maths, English and Topic. Please bring in any evidence of what your amazing children have been doing


Mr T and Mrs Miles